Fairy House Welcome  

Welcome to Faerie!  

First, look for little signs   

to point the way. A small   

glimmering bead on the   

road, a bird soaring  

higher, frogs making a   

racket to echo  

through hills at dusk,   

a neighbor's dog leaping creeks   

so you must follow.   


There! Before you know it,   

and against your   

protestations of fatigue   

or misbelief, you   

are in wonder: All about   

you shades of green,   

spring sprouts, wet moss,   

silver lichen, bending   

branches, old stones large   

and small. Sounds of wind  

and water. And if you   

want to see, find the   

Fairy’s House in a root,   

spider’s web, or tree branch.   

Sometimes too,  

you have to close your eyes,  

                                                                   or listen for a change in the   

 wind as the wings pass.  



Finding, playing   

music, sitting,   

and laughing with you.

(you can come inside the fairy house here)