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The Ides of December, Anchorage

Ahead, we see solstice, Christmas, New Year's.
Behind, all those leaves, the colors, the fall.
Winter again, so we reflect on big and small,
on distant crazy longshot pursuits, on recent near
misses, The world's exactly as we fear
and as we dream. Fickle stuff. We recall
triumphs, losses, those slow painful crawls
up those steep metaphoric hills, a beer
or cup of tea with a friend. Why do
we so often forget that season depends
on hemisphere? In Brisbane or Rio
we'd be approaching summer. How we tend
to ignore the obvious. It's not just us
North Americans. Here's a wish: global trust.


We're in the year of perfect vision
when you and I fully see
the big decision

about what's next. Our mission
these coming months: to embrace each week, and be.
We're in the year of perfect vision,

our time to stop feeding the pigeons,
climb with hawks and eagles, soar free.
The big decision--

who was it who said it's all illusion,
the daily clutter that keeps us all so busy?

We're in the year of perfect vision,

each hour an ideal lens for addition,
subtraction, division, whatever feels key
for the big decision

that could propel us to Hawaii, Michigan,
Utah. So perfectly absurd, this surreal surreality
we're in. The year of perfect vision?

2020: the big decision.